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I was recently just going through google images when I happened across this picture:

My initial reaction was "holy shit, its like how the ancient warriors used to mindfuck their enemies with masks and scary outfits." I felt like its becoming more and more obvious governments are trying to use scare tactics to control us. Instead of the police being the friendly go to guys that I was made to believe that they are, they're finally showing their true selves as the thugs and opressive force they are...

...but then a second thought popped up. Where have i seen this before? then i remembered. If anyone has played half life or half life 2 you would recognize these guys:

I realize this sounds totally fucked up and crazy but.... shit, we really are moving towards a bleak fucking future arent we?
15 January 2009 @ 06:00 pm
Im getting a D in biotechnology.... damn. I guess i can forget getting my lisence anytime soon.

Oh well. I got my bike to get me around. Needs brakes though. so i guess its the bus and walking -_-;

in exciting news, ive been asked to play at the epicentre. ill be doing an acoustic set of some fun little covers. maybe ill write my a few little diddys before the show comes too. i need 10 people to make it. i know you can make it. more info on that when it comes to me.
14 January 2009 @ 09:01 pm
Ok where to start... I'm single again. I started hanging with some old friends, and some new freinds as well. Im moving foreward with DJing, and I've taken up the notion that I'm going to be a street preformer to make money. I'll trade of guitar making and balloon modeling (making animals and the like). Soon ill also be doing juggling and maybe a few other things too. I'm still without a job, and have thought of becoming a web designer (my HTML is a little rusty... but I can always re-learn).

My band is FINALLY getting a recording done this next monday and we have a house gig the saturday after. I bought a bike that needs some work, but at least it will get me around.

Other than all that, I'm stuck in the same old rut.
24 December 2008 @ 05:37 pm

So today I had to run down to fashion valley mall for Deana. It was wayyyyy to damn crowded for me. I just picked up the pictures she wanted and left. I was confronted TWICE by jehovas witnesses. I was sitting there trying to enjoy some california rolls when they came up to me and started on the "four laws of God" speech. I told them I already attend church and Im happy with my relation ship with God (that is to say, im happy i DONT have one >:3)

After that i went to hang out with Theresa. We got some hershys kisses and threw them at traffic for like two hours. So much fun.

And now im sitting and waiting like a child for christmas to come. i didnt ask for alot this year (couldnt think of anyting Xp) so whatever i get is a suprise.

so MERRY CHRISTMAS! heres a few songs and pics for you all

13 December 2008 @ 05:01 pm

Great news! My band will be recording our first demo next week! We will have stuff up on our myspace finally! Also, James told me we've been invited back to Horizon for another show. This time I promise we won't be playing so much AFI... only 2 songs.

Not so great news! I have to do a paper on Huckleberry Finn that is due next week. I've read only half of the book. FUCK!

After this week though I am free for two weeks! YAY! I already have what I want to do planned:
See the Vandals at House of Blues
Go to the mall and get a picture with Santa
Go to a coffee shop and people watch with one of my friends
Go to PB and OB and look around some thrift stores and record shops
Party it up on New Years Eve

Don't think I'll be making any resolutions though.... I never do.


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17 November 2008 @ 11:09 pm
So I think its safe to say things aren't going bad for me right now. Got the girl ive been looking for, relativley good grades (if you ask me...) and not alot of drama. Just looking foreward to time off next week. And except for a few drags today... I think ive kicked my dirty habit of smoking.

So now its getting closer and closer to the holiday season (or thats what ive learned from commercials) and during this time of the year, everything seems bitter sweet to me. For one its getting colder (well, some days are cold) and i really do enjoy *parts* of what this season brings. I mean, I really do love going and getting a christmas tree, drinking coco, looking at all the christmas decorations, and who can say no to free shit? It just kinda makes me feel bad that i have no means to get anyone I love anything worth shit....except my love. But how the hell can I wrap that up and put it under a tree?

And it doesnt help that i have an anti-material needs attitude. so getting me gifts sucks. I'd rather get a blank check or some money than anything really.... but my family insists on getting me something i can unwrap and go "wow, its what i ALWAYS wanted"

Oh well.

You know what i really want for christmas? SNOW! that would be awesome. I hate the weather here. its hot year round.

you know what else i want? more punk shows! we dont get jack shit here unless its at House of Blues. I cant drive up to LA for shows all the time, so I miss alot of good stuff.

And just another thought.... If you ARE interested in getting me something i do have a wish list posted on my myspace profile... just t shirts and cds mostly.

anyway, its 1130 now so im going to sleep

good night
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07 November 2008 @ 08:21 pm

Its been a week since I've posted and since then I've:
  • Got a new girlfriend
  • Got bitched at for grades
  • Attempted to quit smoking along with my mom
Life just seems like it could go in any direction at the moment. I just hope it goes for the better.

I wish I didn't live here, I wish I could have been this age in the 1970s in Britian. Then I could be running around the streets of my town chasing hippies, gettin' pissed with my mates, fighting nazis, and hanging with these guys:

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01 November 2008 @ 09:17 am
And I hope everyone had a bitchin' Halloween.

So about last night: 12 Step Rebels opened up with a brand new song and then proceeded to kick some ass. A wrecking pit (the psychobilly equivalent to mixing a mosh pit with playing body shots) broke out where I was standing so I got punched up. I got out and watched the band finish their set.

Then the Quakes rocked it with a little bit of ol' skool psycho. Great set, I liked how the drummer stood up and played right up in front of the stage.

Then my favorite part of the night, between the Quakes and Tiger Army some old guy started telling be about how he was around for all the 77 bands and tripped out that I was only 17 and liked all the bands he grew up liking. He kept telling me, "I have a son your age!" He was wasted.

Tiger Army held nothing back on their set last night. They played almost everything I wanted to hear (I really wanted to hear Nocturnal and Outlaw Heart) Nick 13 did a lot of talking about Halloween and its history and all that, Geoff Kresge kept the crowd pumped, and the drummer (who I only remember his last name, Meza, I think...) just sat and banged out on the drums.

So about Tiger Army on hiatus.... They didn't say exactly say why they were going to take a break but Nick said he was gonna do a solo album in the style of Outlaw Heart and In the Orchard. Can't wait to hear that one.

Well thats it for now, later
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01 November 2008 @ 12:45 am
Tiger Army is on indefinite hiatus. Yup, Nick13 said so tonight.

By the way Tiger Army fuckin ROCKED it tonight. Same goes for the Quakes and 12 Step Rebels.

Well I'm tired now... Hope you all had a good Halloween! I'll get back on some other day to tell you more about tonight.
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24 October 2008 @ 07:02 pm